Agent Resource Center

This is my agent resource center. I'm interested in working with agents in two ways. The first is in joint workplace benefit ventures. The second is developing personal producing life insurance agents under the GLG America umbrella.

ALERT: Be sure and see my case study for personal producing agents after the "Services for Brokers" section.

Services for Brokers

One significant competitive advantage I have is a great offer for guaranteed issue permanent life insurance offered in the workplace. I'm looking for brokers to work with in placing this plan. The great thing is that I help you sell the case, do all the enrollment work and you get paid.

In addition, consolidating a bunch of business with one insurance carrier under one umbrella provides a significant advantage and carries more weight with the insurance company. I also have some other unique workplace benefits solutions that I can use to help your clients.

  • I hope to contract with you and;
  • Provide you enrollment services.

I also have contacts with a significant number of quality enrollers who can assist us if needed.

Contact me for more information.

Build a Book from Scratch Case Study for Personal Producing Agents

I've noticed that agents need help building a book of business and tend to ask the same questions. Rather than continuing to answer them over and over, I thought the best way to answer them was to show you how to build your book of business from scratch. I offer this case study in the hopes that you'll contract with me but don't mind sharing them with you even if you want to remain independent.

Need additional help?

Don't hesitate to let me know if you need help with something I haven't covered yet.